The Wetrich Group LLC

The Wetrich Group is a health care management consulting firm founded in 2001 by James G. Wetrich. We pride ourselves on our experience – each of our associates has over 25 years of experience in a variety of senior leadership positions. We offer comprehensive advisory support and consulting resources to our partner clients. Through leveraging our experience, we provide our clients with substantive, thorough strategic and tactical guidance, rooted deep in sound execution. Our consultants focus on creating value for our business and provider clients.

Business Development & Networking Resources

As seasoned executives, we bring widespread and unique perspectives to business development strategies that drive results and lead to a measurable impact. Our firm has built a network of pre-eminent health care professionals and business leaders.

Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Advisory

Our advisors also review and make critical evaluations of sales and marketing methods to develop calculated solutions for problems. We focus on all aspects of a business to identify immediate and long-term needs, and we make sure our suggestions can be integrated into the client’s commercial operations.

Corporate Account Management & Representation

For the new health care company, for the small cap and mid-cap companies, and even large cap companies, dealing with these key customers is challenging from a number of perspectives. Our advisors are experts in dealing with these key customers and our services span from targeted and specific assistance to comprehensive outsourced national account representation.

International Expertise

For companies residing around the world, or those regularly working in international markets, The Wetrich Group can provide comprehensive advisory support to assist clients with broadening their global corporate presence. Our firm has a broad knowledge of global marketing and business strategies, with direct experience working in Europe and Latin America, and we have resources we can provide that are well-versed in global business practices and regulations.

Board Commercial Advisement

The Wetrich Group offers strategic advisory services to boards seeking guidance for critical go-to-market needs. The firm’s associates have been involved with multiple boards in the health care industry, where they have provided considerable strategic advisory assistance on leading commercial strategies.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations

With a focus on problem solving, The Wetrich Group reviews all facets of a business to make supply chain recommendations. We look at both the details and the big picture to determine a tailored approach that will meet our clients’ short- and long-term needs. We also provide interim management services managing provider supply chain operations. We are knowledgeable in manufacturing plant effectiveness and can provide due diligence plant visits.

Key Team Members


We are dedicated to maintaining an impeccable reputation for our business and partner clients. Through open communication and respect for individuals and enterprises, we provide transparency and honesty upon which our clients can depend.